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Mobile App Maintenance & Support

Mobile MaintenanceKeep the continuum of your business going with efficient support and maintenance

Unimans is an end-to-end service provider, and we don’t stop working until your app is released in the app store. Our support and maintenance services offer more than just convenience – Unimans can provide legal and regulatory updates, database management, business support and a wide range of other necessary considerations.

Your need for professional support doesn’t end when your app is released – that’s only the beginning, and Unimans stands with you. Over half of the costs that goes behind an app ownership is due to the maintenance costs incurred over time. We help you save where it really counts.

App Support and Maintenance Overcomes Serious Hurdles
We take pride in offering cutting edge, professional app maintenance solutions to keep your app up to date in compliance with any industry requirements and in line with what your customers or target audience expects. An app is only successful so long as it remains competitive and stable – it must offer the right mix of utility, functionality, productivity and reliability.
Without that ideal mix, your user base begins drifting away. For apps without ongoing maintenance, the only real option to recapture a departing user base is to release a new version of the app. That’s time consuming and costly. We save you that hassle and ensure that your app is updated with new functionality, features and graphics as needed. Of course, our maintenance and management solutions encompass far more than this. We offer:

  • Changes due to regulatory concerns
  • Minor, incremental and major enhancements
  • Major upgrades and additions
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Security review

Throughout all of our app support and maintenance services, our goal is simple – to reduce the cost of ownership to you. Our large team of technology experts specializes in providing outstanding support and maintenance for apps on all operating system platforms and devices.

Contact us on +91 9311384252 today to discuss your Android App Development requirement or send us mail at info@unimans.com and we will give you the complete solutions for Android Application Development.

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